San Fernando Boys' R.C. School

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Prayer Requests

Deliverance from evil company

7 months ago by Charlisco Chikezie Pray for me
St. Mary please pray for I Charlisco Chikezie and my Households for Godly defence against my Glory and inheritance attackers. Isaiah 37: 36; Psalm 55:15; Revelations 12: 11; Amen. O Lord, let ANGELS of death go before me now 3/7/2019 and smote satanic evil woman Ada Nwigwe hunch back and her witches and wizards insanity and madness , Jezebel children Felix emeka Nwigwe, Chiweuba, Ngozi, Machus, Madueke, Chijoke and.Monday Nwigwe and Soki Chukwudi Okonkwu and their demonic agents strange childten, whose mouth speaketh vanity, and their right hand is a right hand of falsehood.. Blood Jesus Christ. O Lord, let early in the morning, their dead corpses in Jesus Christ mighty Name Amen ..Acts 12: 23;; Alleluia Hallelujah.. Thank You Jesus Christ I and Households are free forever Amen...Hallelujah...

Blood of Jesus, Blood Jesus. Revelation 12: 11..Amen..

9 months ago by Charlisco Chikezie Pray for me
Saints of God please pray for I Charlisco Chikezie, O Lord, concerning late, death Nwigwe Nwani, Felix Emeka Nwigwe death wife on my way and Emeka Nwigwe ancient and idolatry alter of evil/bad dreams, they shall not come into my Gate of New City and God Kingdom Palace, nor shoot an arrow of death against my households and our destiny, nor cast a bank against us.. God Almighty shall return their evil/bad dreams upon their own head..Amen.. God is our denfece. Hallelujah... Blood of Jesus. Christ, let the Angels of death swallow now 10 /5/2019 every Ahab, Haman, Jezebe, Soki (s) and evil, witches and wizards marine company against. my inheritance, households life and destiny. In Jesus Christ Precious Name. Amen. ISAIAH 37: 33-36;;** Revelation 12: 11;;***Alleluia. Thank You Jesus Christ , our Wonderful. Saviour I and my House holds are free forever...Amen. Alleluia...

Blood of Jesus, Blood Jesus. Revelation 12: 11..Amen..

9 months ago by Charlisco Chikezie Pray for me
Pastor please pray for me Charlisco Chikezie , Let Blood of Jesus Christ pursue all satanic escorts and evil. witches and wizards, soki okonkwu, (S) marine forces , evil meeting company out of my life households and destiny now in Jesus Christ Precious Name Amen. Ezekiel 35: 6.. Mark 6: 56. Alleluia.. O Lord, let death swallow now 10/4/2019 every Ahab, haman and Jezebel attack against my inheritance and households in Jesus Christ Mighty Name Amen Psalm 55: 15..Alleluia Hallelujah.... Blood Jesus, Blood Jesus, it is finished. Amen. Thank you Jesus Christ. Amen....

Sanctification and Purity in the Blood Jesus

9 months ago by Charlisco Chikezie Pray for me
Saints of God please pray for me Charlisco Chikezie, Lord our saviour uproot every seed and sinful nature the enemy has planted in my life.. Blood of Jesus Christ, destroy every enemy, darkness forces the devil hired, that I should be afraid; and do so, and sin, and that they might reproach me.... God Almighty, He only is my rock and my salivation; he is my defence; I shall not be moved...Amen. Alleluia. Thank you Jesus Christ My saviour. Amen.. Psalm 62: 6;..Alleluia.


over a year ago by Jonathan Carr Pray for me
Hi I’m doing Katie Souza prayer techniques at the moment so please pray for healing of soul. I also do a ministry for God so please pray for success with that. Thanks.